Time to create your own dream.

You can rent premium office space in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town. We offer affordable work space for entrepreneurs who have an engineering background and a passion to make things happen.

The reason we want to focus this company towards engineers is due to the fact our umbrella company, Belting Edge, is a conveyor engineering firm that has more enquiries than we can process, resulting in us turning business away. Therefore, by renting with us, we automatically divert business your way.

We then quote you for the project, you add your mark up and we share in the sale from start to finish. All of this happens while still being your own boss, with your own working hours. If you don’t want to use our enquiries, you simply do your own thing and the enquiry is passed on to the next colleague.



  • The most economical way to start a business
  • Desk is located in open plan office, allowing enough space to let your ideas soar
  • Locker provided for storage
  • Unlimited booked access to boardroom
  • Need more space, add a mini workshop to your portfolio

Rates: R 1,500 Monthly


  • Similar to a private office, but in the open plan environment
  • Private cupboards and extra-large desk with drawers
  • Unlimited booked access to boardroom
  • Need more space, add a mini workshop to your portfolio

Rates: R 2,000 Monthly


  • Modern setup that is private and spacious
  • View of Table Mountain, cupboards and a leather couch
  • Who needs the shared boardroom when you have your own office
  • Need more space? Add a mini workshop to your portfolio

Rates: R 3,500 Monthly

Office Space Pricing Dedicated Desk Private Desk Private Office Dedicated Workspace
Monthly Rate R 1,500 R 2,000 R 3,500 R 2,500
Free wifi
Dedicated desk N/A
Shared Receptionist
Prestigious business address
Meetings & Boardroom access (unltd)
*booking essential
Receiving of post & courier parcels
Monday 8 – 6 access | Mon – Fri
Access to AutoCad inventor
Workshop facilities (lock & go) N/A N/A N/A
Kitchen facilities
Favourable contract options
(3/6 months)
Professional Bosch tools to rent
Access to CNC router, Laser cutter
Lathe and Welding equipment
(Booking essential)


When you join this office you become a part of the bigger picture that is Belting Edge. You will be given customers and projects to get your business off the ground all while having the support of the most advanced belt fabrication center in Africa.

Please contact us to arrange a viewing. We offer booked facility usage options, along with short term rentals.

Prices available on request.


Leave us a message in the form below and we will get in touch with you.


    14B Lauda Road,
    Killarney Gardens
    Cape Town,
    Western Cape

    021 557 0129